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Proteus WEAC helped securing NPD regulatory approval to drill.


About Us

Promineo is a leading developer of project management software

Total Project Value

$25 Billion

Completed using Promineo Software

Number of users



Number of engineers

10 000

managed by our software


50 000

hours invested

Recognizing a growing need for effective project management software, project professionals form the oil and gas industry established the company in 2002. Promineo has been a reliable supplier of project software to a wide range of industries for over a decade. On January 1st, 2011, Promineo and Quantum Solutions merged, with the new company keeping the Promineo name.

Promineo is headquartered in Etne, Norway where our research and development center is also located. Our customer support center is located in Stavanger, Norway, and our international sales office is located in Zug, Switzerland.

Promineo is the Latin word ‘to Project’, which underlines the focus of our software.

S-Curves for Primavera
Proteus WEAC
Promineo MPP
Promineo Cost
Profiler (Proteus predecessor)

Our Management Team

Leif Arild Åsheim

I’m Leif Arild Åsheim. You may call me Leif. I am one of the founders of Promineo. Besides having a passion for improving project management, I also have a passion for sailing, and race the J-109 “Promineo Racing” whenever time permits. If you would like to improve project forecasting, let’s talk.

Niki Saukolin
VP Business Development

My name is Niki Saukolin, and I am a Sales Person. Please do not hesitate to contact me when you see the opportunity for Promineo solutions to help your organization. If not reached, probably biking or hiking, please send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Inge Arild Leknes
Manager Implementation and support

My name is Inge Arild Leknes, one of the founders of Promineo. My team takes care of implementation and support, and I have the pleasure of working in close co-operation with our customers. Should you want to find me on my day off, there is a high likelihood that you’ll find me knee deep in water, fly fishing.

Erik Danielsson
Product Manager, Proteus

Erik Danielsson is my name. I have always had a passion for solving problems, and what makes my work so interesting is that this is exactly what I get to do. I help our customers solve project management challenges using Proteus. My other passion is music, my instrument is my voice.

Bjørg Fredriksen
Manager Technology

I’m Bjørg Fredriksen, or simply Bjørg. I have the privilege of managing a wonderful team of developers to bring some of the best project management software to life. My background is in software development, but user experience is what drives my work.


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